January 23rd, 2018
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Strategy & Planning @ The Churchill War Rooms

13th November 2013

The first B2B Customer Management Great Debate launches at the Churchill War Rooms in Westminster.

Customer Attuned have always felt there is a real lack of specific B2B Customer Management events in the UK, so they joined forces with long term partners: eBECS, Deep-Insight and STAR Commercial Academy to deliver something of real value to senior leaders from major UK companies.

Mark Williams TGDBMark Williams from Pegler Yorkshire provided the audience with a keynote speech detailing the challenges of implementing CRM into an international organisation.

Mark’s speech focused on some of the core strategies employed when changing the corporate culture around the utilisation of CRM. Moving sales people away from their “little black books” and into a new age of shared information and shared value across the organisation.

It is a true testament to the great work that Pegler has done to buck this global trend through changing the corporate culture throughout the organisation.

“…according to a recent study 90% [of organisations surveyed] suspect that they possess inaccurate data on contacts and prospects” said Mark Williams.

The day continued with an interactive debate from a panel of experts led by Stephen Wilson from eBECS and also included Mark Williams from Pegler Yorkshire, Ben Tresham from Customer Attuned and Keith Delarge from eBECS. Audience members grilled the panel on their experiences of implementing CRM into enterprise level clients.

CWM Debate

John focused on how Deep Customer Insight aids organisations to provide better solutions and customer experiences.

John O’Connor, CEO, Deep-Insight carried on the proceedings with an insightful key note and workshop on the ‘outside-in’ view of Customer Management.

John focused on how Deep Customer Insight aids organisations to provide better solutions and customer experiences.
John provided insight into how to persuade customers to stay, and provide more referrals. In B2B accounts are often more complex and core to this is relationship driven value.

John raised the point that long-term business relationships are driven by;

  • Trust
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Relationship commitment

These leads to;

  • Customer Relationship Quality
  • Customer Retention

The last installment before the debate closed for the day was an interactive workshop hosted by John O’Connor, where he split the audience into the 5 relationship segments – Ambassadors, Rationals, Ambivalents, Stalkers and Opponents.

This gave participants a hands-on approach to identify which customers in their business-to-business relationships fall into which segment and then through group interaction, a strategy was devised as to how to handle that customer. Audience participation was overwhelming and lead to some impartial and practical steps to improve those customer relationships.

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